We weren't kidding!

You name a fair price and we'll build you a website or help manage your social media!


We understand how much of an investment a website and social media management can be, and if you're starting out, it's an expense that needs to happen, but spend too much and you have no money left for anything else.

Here's the other thing.  We also know...

Great Design helps your story stand out online.

We aim to create great design that will shine above the rest of the sites, to promote your brand, story, and/or life journey.


We Do Social Media as well


We can help save you time and promote your brand, story, and/or life journey by being social for you.

We've Worked With Some Great Companies

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Name Your Fair Price

  • We want to get to know you and make sure we're a good fit for your website or social media needs.

Just the FAQs

How Much Should I Pay?
The product we are offering is valued at $1500. We are open to what you offer.
What Do I Get?
So you’re wondering what you get with your PWYW Web site? Below is a list of everything included. No matter what you pay, you will get all of these items included in your web site.
  • Premium Theme from Studio Press
  • WordPress installed and set up on hosting
  • Theme Set Up and Installation
  • Home page set up
  • Up to 5 pages implementation into web site.
  • A site designed to your style.
  • Stock photos
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Our Plugin Suite
    • SEO
    • Security
    • Forms
    • Genesis Plugins (to help run the site)
    • Facebook & Twitter Widgets
    • Social Sharing
We will also include some email Marketing Software and other social sharing plugins for you and show you how to use them. We will work with you to get your site looking like you want it. There is a limited number of changes we will do. Don’t be discouraged by this, but we have to make sure we can get all the sites done in a reasonable amount of time. The cost of a site like this would be in the range of $1200-1500.
Does PWYW Include Ecommerce?
No sorry. That is an additional product. With PWYW we can not accommodate a ecommerce setup. But we are happy discuss a solution and create a package for you to include that within our regular rates.
What do you need from me?
We ask that you provide your written content, graphics, logos, etc in a timely manner to complete your desired web project. Since content creation, and graphic design is not offered in the pay what you want structure, it is up to you to provide it to us to build your site.
What if I need more then what PWYW is offering?
We are a full design company and able to work with you to create a site that suits your custom needs. Feel free to contact us to get custom design started.

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